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YOU.FO Sports Pro Starter Pack (Red/Blue)

YOU.FO Sports Pro Starter Pack (Red/Blue)

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A NEW fast-paced throwing and catching game that combines Ultimate Frisbee and lacrosse!

YOU.FO is a totally new sports concept. It’s based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks over distances up to 100 feet. This requires concentration, strength, flexibility and cooperation. YOU.FO can be played one-on-one or in teams, with goals or freestyle, in city parks, on sports fields or at the beach.  This game is popular in Europe, and is now making its way to the United States!

The YOU.FO Starter 2-Pack is ideal for families and small groups. It contains two YOU.FO sticks (1 Blue and 1 Red), one YOU.FO rings and one YOU.FO BIG BAG for storage.

  • Sticks (2) are made of aluminum frame which is 100% recyclable, including a rubber grip (length = 38 inches).
  • Aerodynamic ring (1) 
  • Carrying bag (1) is made of durable and wear-resistant polyester material. The bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap, which makes transport much easier. 
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